Facts & Figures


Nevada State College is the only four-year, comprehensive public institution in the state of Nevada.

Established in 2002, NSC is a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education. NSC is the second-tier in the state's three-tier higher education system, positioned between the two-year colleges and the research institutions.

NSC places a special emphasis on the advancement of a diverse and largely under-served student population. Students are taught by faculty who serve as mentors and guides in classrooms with a student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1. 


NSC has grown to offer more than 45 high-demand majors and minors. Curriculum is developed based upon the needs of communities in Nevada, business and industry, and the demands of its students. Top programs include nursing, education, business administration, biology and psychology.

Classes are offered online, in-classroom and as a hybrid of both.


Nevada State College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


Since 2002, enrollment has grown from 177 to over 3,500 in the fall of 2015. Nevada State College is considered the fastest growing institution of higher education in the state of Nevada.

Student Profile

Over 50% of NSC students are from culturally diverse backgrounds. NSC has been identified nationally as a Minority Serving Institution as well as an Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution.

Approximately 61% of NSC students are of the first generation in their families to attend college.


  • 3,112 students have completed their baccalaureate degrees at NSC.
  • The majority of NSC alumni live and work in Nevada.


175 full-time faculty and staff

Operating Budget

$31,822,805 (2016-2017 fiscal year)

Tuition and Fees

$161.00 per credit (2016-2017, Nevada Resident)

Campus Life

NSC offers more than 30 student clubs and organizations covering areas such as athletics, academics, honor societies, special interests, and culture.


NSC introduced its official Scorpion mascot in 2012. Its name, Scotty, was selected by a campus-wide vote.


Executive Leadership

  • Bart Patterson, President
  • Kevin Butler, Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Dr. Edith Fernandez, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement and Diversity Initiatives

Academic Leadership

  • Dr. Andy Kuniyuki, Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Dennis Potthoff, Dean, School of Education
  • Dr. Neal Rosenburg, Dean, School of Nursing

Faculty Senate Leadership

  • Dr. Bryan Sigel, Chair
  • Dr. Laura Naumann, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Abby Peters, Secretary
  • Dr. Ted Mitchell, Parlimentarian
  • Dr. Amanda VandeHei, Curriculm Committee Chair Elected

Student Government Leadership

  • Desiree DeCosta, President
  • Heather Phelps, Vice President
  • Abby Mangubat, Secretary