Is there an application deadline?

Currently, NSC has a rolling deadline; however, if you want to ensure that you get the best class schedule, receive financial aid on time, and have the opportunity to attend orientation, then it is best to apply as early as possible.

Is there an application fee?

There is a $30 non-refundable application processing fee.

What items are required for the application package?

A complete application package consists of a completed application, official transcripts, and the application fee. If we need additional information or documents we will let you know.

How can I apply?

You can apply online at www.nsc.edu.

How many academic sessions do you offer per year?

Currently we offer the following academic sessions during the school year: Fall; Winter; Spring; Summer (6 week and 12 week sessions.)

Do you require SAT and/or ACT scores?

We do not require the ACT or SAT for admission; however, we strongly encourage prospective students to take one of the standardized tests because it can be used as a substitute for the Math/English placement test. Every student is required to take the placement test or have SAT/ACT scores before registering for Math or English classes. This excludes students who transfer in Math or English credit from another institution.

Is there an interview required for admissions?

There is no interview required to be considered for admission.

Do I need to write an essay for admission?

You do not need to submit an essay for admission unless you are a student who was denied admission.

Do you accept AP credits?

Yes, we do accept AP scores. For a complete list of AP scores that we accept, please refer to our catalog.

Can I test out of classes?

In some cases we do allow students to CLEP out of classes for a fee. Please refer to our catalog for more information on CLEP tests and passing scores

Is a placement test mandatory?

The placement test is mandatory unless a student submits ACT/SAT scores or transfers in Math and/or English credits to NSC. If a student submits test scores and placed in a lower level Math or English, then the student can opt to take a placement test to increase his/her chances of placing into a higher level Math or English. We will accept the higher score of the two.

Do you accept the GED? If so, what score is needed to be eligible for admission?

We do accept the GED. All of our GED students who meet the requirements are sent through the Admissions Review Committee and are admitted conditionally. This means that the student will have all of the same benefits and perks as a regularly admitted student with the exception of having specific requirements that must be met once admitted. (i.e., take math the first semester; maintain a 2.0 GPA; etc.)

Does your college recruiter come to my high school campus?

Yes. We have admission counselors/recruiters on every high school campus at least once a month. To see when we will be at your school, check with your high school counselor or career center.

We also have admissions representative visit CSN frequently. To see when we will be on your campus, check in the transfer center or with the transfer coordinators for more information.

What are your transfer admission requirements?

To be considered a transfer student, you need to have a 2.0 GPA and at least 12 transferable credits from a regionally accredited college or university.

Do I need my high school transcripts if I apply as a transfer student?

No. We only need all of your college transcripts unless you do not have 12 or more transferable credits. In that instance you will need your high school transcript and must apply as a new student.

Will you accept all of my credits from another institution?

We will accept all of your credits from your institution as long as your previous college/university was regionally accredited and your credits are transferable credits. To see what classes will transfer to our college, you can submit your unofficial transcripts to our transfer coordinator for review.

If I don't meet any of the requirements, is it possible that I can still be accepted to the college?

Yes. If you are deficient in any of our requirements, we will send your application to our Admissions Review Committee. From here your application will be evaluated and you have the possibility of being admitted as a Conditional Admit.

Do you have on-campus housing?

Although there are apartments located in the Nevada State College vicinity, we provide no on-campus living at this time.

Are there any intercollegiate sports on your campus?

We do not offer intercollegiate sports at this time. Some students have formed intramural teams and others join the league of Henderson and engage in sports; however, we do not have any official sports teams affiliated with the college.

What is your faculty /student ratio?

Our faculty-student ratio is about 15:1. As an institution, we pride ourselves on being a college centered on teaching excellence; therefore, most of your classes will be taught by full time instructors in smaller settings.

How large are your classes?

Our average class size is approximately 15-20 students, and you will never have a classroom that is larger than 40 students.

When can I visit your campus?

You can call us at 702-992-2170 to schedule a campus visit, or just drop in during our hours of operation and request to speak with an Admissions Counselor.

How do I sign up for wait listing?

Information on wait listing can be found here.