The Nevada State Student Alliance

NSSA is the official student government of Nevada State College. It is an alliance of student who advocate for the good for NSC. Every grade level is represented, along with a variety of educational and occupational interests. NSSA is diverse (just like NSC), and finds many strengths in its diversity.

As students, NSSA delegates have an inside perspective of the wants, needs and hopes of the student body. With this knowledge, student government members create a progressive and lively dialogue between the student body and NSC administration.

They work to foster school pride, cultural exchange and faculty-student interaction outside the classroom, and to build stronger friendships and support circles. NSSA governs and helps fund many campus clubs and organizations. As a club member, you'll enjoy opportunities for workshops and internships, special lectures and travel.

And if you become an NSSA delegate, you'll enjoy a greater educational experience. Your professional proficiency and leadership skills will get a boost, and you'll benefit from greater networking opportunities.

Every enrolled NSC student is already a member of NSSA. If you d like to know more about becoming a delegate, whether as a senator or with a position on the Executive Board, there's more information in the FAQs section.