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Where do I find the Cashier's Office?
The Cashier's Office is located at our main campus; 1125 Nevada State Dr. Henderson, NV 89002 and can be contacted by email at The Cashier's Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday by appointment only.

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eBilling Questions

What is eBilling?
eBilling is a convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills. This service is provided to all NSC Students. Once your eBill is available for viewing, an email notification will be sent to your myNSC account.

Why is NSC going to eBilling as the official billing method?
There are several reasons why NSC has decided to make eBilling the official billing method. The primary reason is to provide faster and easier service to our students, their parents and/or guardians. The vast majority of students and parents are familiar and comfortable with web culture. It has become commonplace to perform many daily transactions and communications via e-mail and the internet. Many universities and institutions around the country are using electronic billing as their primary method of billing. In addition to providing more efficient service, electronic billing allows timely results as well as monetary savings to both the student and the institution. In addition, many other applications and processes at NSC are paperless or electronic such as applying for admission, financial aid, registering and receiving grades for classes, and processing student account refunds via direct deposit. eBill continues this mission.

Can I get a paper bill instead of an eBill?
All students will receive an eBill. If you need a paper copy of your bill, you can log into your myNSC student account and print a copy of your bill. Students can also use any of the computer stations available across campus.

What should I do if I do not receive an e-mail notice telling me my bill is ready for viewing?
If you do not receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready for viewing it does not alleviate your responsibility to pay by the deadline. You can either call the Cashier's Office or access the myNSC system for the current balance information and to verify your e-mail.

I tried to open, up my eBill but nothing happens, why?
Check to make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker activated on your computer (browser) that is keeping you from opening up a new window where your eBill would display. Temporarily disable the pop-up blocker and you should be able to view your eBill without problem.

What browser should I use?
To access eBilling, your computer must be equipped with a browser capable of rendering HTML 4.0 and running JavaScript. The following browsers are known to work:

  • Netscape Navigator 6.0 or greater or
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater or
  • Any Macintosh
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or greater

In your browser, you must enable

  • Javascript
  • SSL

Both of these options are usually enabled by default. Note that SSL must be enabled to ensure the security of your data. In addition, depending on the browser you're running, you should enable and/or refrain from overriding style sheets.

Will anything else change in regard to my bill?
No, nothing else will change. Bills will still be generated and posted on your myNSC, and the due date will be printed clearly on the bill.

What happens if I pay late?
Students who do not pay their tuition and fees in full by the due date may be subject to an administrative withdrawal. This will cancel your registration and results in the student not being allowed to attend class or receive a final class grade. (See the Payment Plans page for additional payment options)

Is there a charge for eBilling?
No, there is no charge for this service.

How do I make an online payment?
Within myNSC students can make online student account payments with an electronic check (e-check) withdrawal from a checking or savings account or with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express).

  • To pay online with credit card select Make Payment.
  • To review the online payment history, select Payment History. This will display all online payments made through myNSC. The payment history is updated immediately following an online payment.

Can my parents call and get my information?
Under the student privacy act, the Cashier's Office cannot give any type of financial information to your parents without your written approval unless you are under 18, regardless of who pays tuition. You may grant authorization to these individuals in your student center. Select the Third party release link to update your account.

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Deferred Payment Plans

Do you have payment plans available?
Yes, NSC offers a deferred payment plan option. This payment plan breaks your educational costs into easy to handle monthly payments rather than paying for the entire semester in one large sum. This payment plan divides your total amount owed into four payments of 25% of the total balance for your convenience.

To sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan Program, log into myNSC and click the Enroll in Payment Plan link.

Is there a charge to sign up for the deferred payment plan?
Yes. There is a $25.00 non-refundable charge for this service.

What if I miss a payment while on the payment plan?
Students who do not pay their balance due by the due date may be subject to an administrative withdrawal or a Late Fee. The Late Fee will be 10% (with a minimum $10) of the Balance that is due.

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Financial Aid & Billing

I am receiving the Millennium Scholarship. What do I do?
Contact Financial Aid at (702) 992-2150 to make sure they list you as approved to receive Millennium funds. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for the funds to disburse. The scholarship will disburse at $60.00 per credit to a maximum of $720.00. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pay your portion by the payment due date. If you do not pay by the due date you may be administratively withdrawn from your classes. If you no longer have eligibility for the scholarship, you must pay your tuition and fees on time to avoid being administratively withdrawn from your classes.

How do I apply for financial aid?
To apply for financial aid, go to and start your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can click the financial aid link at for more information email or call 702-992-2150.

What if I am waiting for financial aid but have no money now?
Check your MyNSC account. Your accepted aid amount has been authorized for disbursement by the Office of Financial Aid & Student Employment. Those funds cannot be disbursed prior to 10 days before the start of the semester. Your tuition must be paid on time regardless of financial aid status. Contact the Financial Aid office at 702-992-2150 or if you have additional questions.

Also, you can get set up on the deferred payment plan in MyNSC by selecting Enroll in Payment Plan. Making the payments on your payment plan by the required due dates will allow you to attend your classes for the semester without being dropped until your grants, scholarships or loans come through.

What should I do if my financial aid is less than my bill? Pay the difference on time or you may be subject to an administrative withdrawal. This will cancel your registration and results in the student not being allowed to attend class or receive a final class grade.

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IRS Tax Form Information

Frequently Asked Questions: 1098-T Form

The IRS requires Form 1098-T covering the previous calender year must be postmarked by January 31st of the current calendar year. This form is mailed to the student's permanent address or is made available in MyNSC if you elected to receive it electronically. For additional 1098-T tax information please click here.

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Late Drops, Withdrawals, Refunds

I never attended class, will I be dropped automatically?
It is the responsibility of the student to officially drop any class(es) he or she is not attending. You can drop the course online under your myNSC or by contacting the Office of Admissions & Records at or 702-992-2110

If I drop a course, will I get a refund?

Dropping Individual Courses
You may receive a 100% refund if courses are dropped by the date on the academic calendar for the term. No refund will be issued for individual courses that are dropped after the first week of the term.

Total Withdrawal
You may receive a 50% refund if courses are dropped within the 50% drop periods. See the academic calendar or your student account for the dates.

If You Received Financial Aid...
If you drop courses during the refund period, you will receive a refund if you did not receive financial aid. Refunds are applied first to any financial aid source the student received. After the financial aid portion is adjusted a refund check will be issued IF the student paid for the course.

How do I make a total withdrawal from NSC?
To make a total withdrawal, students must visit myNSC and withdraw from their courses.

When are refund checks mailed? Can I come in and pick mine up?
Refund checks are mailed once a week. Refund checks may not be picked up under any circumstances. There is a very short window of time to have the checks signed and taken to the post office for mailing. Trying to pull one check for pickup can put all the refunds in jeopardy of getting mailed that day. Therefore, we will not accept any requests for refund pickups.

Direct Deposit of Refund Checks
You may have your refund automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. To do this, please enroll in direct deposit. Go to myNSC and click on the Enroll in Direct Deposit link.

You said a refund check was mailed, so why haven't I received it yet?
All checks are mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Generally it takes several days for a check to arrive. If you have moved, did you put in a change of address with the postal service? Transferring mail to another address takes longer. It is the student's responsibility to log in to MyNSC and update address information.

If after 10 working days you have not received the check, you may contact us to check the status of the check and request a replacement check if needed. See the Forms link for the Stop payment Request Form. You will need to submit a stop payment request form to the Cashier's Office. You must bring photo ID in order to sign the proper forms to get a new check issued.

My work schedule changed and I want to drop the class. What do I do?
You must follow the procedures for dropping a class online under your student account. Refunds are only granted during the refund periods. If you are dropping the class after the refund period, you will not receive a refund. The College is sympathetic to any student who has to drop a class (es), but the refund periods are strictly followed.

I am unhappy with the class I am taking and I want a refund,
You must follow the procedures for dropping a class on the MyNSC. You must speak to the Dean of the respective department with complaints relating to class content, instruction, etc. The Fee Appeal Committee cannot make refund determinations based on a specific class. Specific concerns about a class are the responsibility of the Dean.

I dropped the class but received an F.
Contact the Office of Admissions and Records via email at or call 702-992-2110

I dropped out of school and had a zero balance. Why do I owe money now?
If you received financial aid, you are required by federal law to return any funds you did not use because you didn't attend the whole semester. Contact the Cashier's Office and we can let you know why you have a balance on your account.

Under what circumstances are refunds granted if I file a fee appeal form?
Refunds may be granted when circumstances beyond the control of the student prevent the student from attending all courses. Examples include medical reasons, induction into the U.S. Armed Forces, or death of a spouse, child, parent or legal guardian within the first eight weeks of the semester.

What is the refund policy?
The NSHE refund policy can be found here

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Making Payments

How much do I pay?
Tuition and fee information is available on the Tuition and Fees page and current charges will be shown on myNSC. Tuition and fees are due by the due date each semester.

When do I pay?
Visit the academic calendar page to see due dates. After the tuition due date, if payment is not made the same day as registration then classes may be dropped.

How do I pay?
Payments may made be on myNSC or at the Cashier's Office.

myNSC will accept credit, debit, or checks as forms of payment. We encourage this option to avoid waiting in long lines.

The Cashier's Office will accept cash, checks, and money orders. Please make checks payable to "Board of Regents" debit and credit cards payments should be made online.

My registration window isn't for another two weeks but I want to know how much I will owe for next semester now.
You may get an estimated cost for the upcoming semester using our new Tuition & Fee Calculator. Students who have already registered may receive an up-to-date balance due on myNSC at any time.

Can I pay for tuition with a credit card even though I don't have my child's pin number?
A login and password is required when accessing the myNSC systems for payment.

What if I don't pay on time?
Students who do not pay their tuition in full by the due date may be subject to an administrative withdrawal. This will cancel your registration and results in the student not being allowed to attend class or receive a final class grade. (See the Payment Plans page for additional payment options) The College also reserves the right to charge additional penalties for accounts not paid in full by due dates.

What if I don't pay?
Students who do not pay their tuition in full by the due date may be subject to an administrative withdrawal. This will cancel your registration and results in the student not being allowed to attend class or receive a final class grade. (See the Payment Plans page for additional payment options)

I paid by credit or debit card. Why does it still say I owe money?
Your card may reject at the point of sale. You will know right away if there is a problem with the card you are trying to use. You will need to speak with your bank if your card was declined.

Why are you charging a late fee if my check bounced?
If your check was returned from the bank unpaid, your tuition was not paid on time. You are responsible for any late fees associated with your tuition not being paid on time. In addition there is a $15.00 service fee assessed for returned checks. Please be aware it is illegal to write a check on non-sufficient funds (NSF). These return checks are treated seriously by the Cashier's Office and may be sent to the Nevada District Attorney which can result in a warrant for your arrest.

I have some special circumstances. Who do I speak to?
If for some reason you are not able to pay your tuition, you may call the Cashier's Office to discuss your options. Please call (702) 992-2120 to set up an appointment. This must be done before tuition payments are due. A personal appointment must be made. As most financial information is confidential, your options and circumstances will not be discussed over the phone. All information submitted is completely confidential.

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Grade or Registration Problems

The instructor does not show me in his/her class.
If a student is not on an instructor's class roster, the student must first check his/her class schedule to verify that he/she is currently enrolled in the course. The student may have been purged for nonpayment and is not guaranteed a spot in the course. If the student is unable to verify the cause of removal from the course, he/she may contact the Office of Admissions & Records at (702) 992-2110 or via email at to review his/her account.

I dropped the class but received an F.
Contact the Office of Admissions & Records at (702)992-2110 or via email at

I can't register and it says to contact the Cashier's Office.
Registrations are held if a student owes the college money. Contact the Cashier's Office with your Student ID number stating you have a hold. We will tell you why you have a hold and what department to contact to have the hold cleared.

I didn't get my grades. The Office of Admissions & Records says they are on hold.
Transcripts, enrollment, graduation, diplomas are held if a student owes the College money. Contact the Cashier's Office at (702)992-2120 or email at with your Student NSHE ID number stating you have a hold. We will tell you why you have a hold and what department to contact to have the hold cleared.

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Application Fee

What are these fees? I received a letter regarding a past due balance but I haven't attended or don't go to the college.
There is a $30.00 non-refundable admissions applications fee for individuals who have submitted an application fee to the college.

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Excess Credit Fee

What is the excess Credit fee?

Beginning Fall 2014, a 50% (percent) Excess Credit Fee on the per-credit registration fee will be charged to a degree-seeking student who has attempted credits equal to 150% of the credits required for the student's degree or certificate. The excess credit fee will be imposed on registration fees charged in all terms, including summer, after passing the threshold number of credits until a degree is awarded to the student.

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents Handbook and Procedures & Guidelines Manual provides a great deal of information regarding this policy. Following are some key points:

  • For a student working toward a 120-credit associate's degree, the excess credit fee will begin once 180 credits are attempted.
  • Following are credits that will be included in the student's total credit count:
    • All attempted credits at NSC. This includes courses with the following grades: A, B, C, D, F, I, P, S, U, or W
    • Repeated courses.
    • Credits transferred to NSC from any other NSHE institution.
    • Credits transferred to NSC from institutions outside NSHE that meet the student's degree requirement.
  • Following are credits that may be excluded in the student's total credit count:
    • Credits attempted in remedial courses (e.g., MATH 95).
    • Credits transferred in from institutions outside NSHE if those credits do not meet the degree requirements for the student's program of study.
    • Credits attempted while enrolled as a high school student if those credits do not meet the degree requirements for the student's program of study.
    • Credits earned from examinations.
    • Credits that were obtained toward one degree, if the student is now working on second degree of the same level. E.g., credits earned bachelor's degree, if the student is now working toward a second bachelor's degree.
  • Students who feel that their credit total was inaccurately calculated, or who would like to appeal the Excess Credit Fee based on exceptional circumstances, can submit an Excess Credit Fee Appeal to the Office of Admissions and Records. This appeal should be submitted well in advance of the semester for which the Excess charge will occur but, depending upon the circumstances, may be considered no later than October 15 for Fall semesters or March 15 for Spring semesters.

For more detailed information, see NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual, Chapter 7, Section 2. The general policy can be viewed in the Board of Regents' Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 4.

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Distance tuition Rate

What is the Distance tuition Rate?
Nonresident students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses will, in addition to registration fees, pay a tuition charge equaling the registration fees times 50 percent. The tuition charge will be assessed only to nonresident students who are residing outside of Nevada during the semester in which enrollment in the distance education course(s) occurs.

Please note:

  • This is a temporary rate for NSC students who physically live outside Nevada.
  • Students must take web-based Distance Education courses only. Taking any other type of course in a semester will result in the recalculation of all fees in that semester to current residency classification, and the student will be required to pay all fees at the recalculated rate.
  • This rate is effective only for the semester in which a student has applied; Students must re-apply each semester.
  • Request for the Distance Education Special Tuition Rate must be received by the NSC Cashier's office prior to the beginning of the semester for which the discount is requested

To apply, please submit the Distance Tuition Rate Request form (LINK TO FORM) to the Cashier's office.

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