Campus Master Plan

In the spring of 2010 Nevada State College, in collaboration with the NSC campus community, City of Henderson leadership, BMS planning team, and members of the surrounding neighborhoods, completed the Campus Master Plan for the development of the 509-acres of land surrounding the college.

The NSC Master Plan will guide the growth and development of the institution. The vision articulated in the plan is comprehensive and ambitious, reflecting the goals and mission of this young college. The plan incorporates all aspects of campus life in an integrated approach responding to increasing academic demands while preserving the beauty of its physical environment and minimizing any impact on its neighbors.

The Master Plan assesses and quantifies the College's ability to accommodate physical expansion and provides a flexible "blueprint" to guide this growth in a consistent and harmonious manner that supports institutional goals. The plan controls the general order of the campus, not the details of design. This encourages using the Master Plan as a living document, one that incorporates a significant degree of flexibility.