Reporting Units

Nevada State Bookstore
Operated by Barnes and Noble, Nevada State Bookstore offers educational resources needed by students, faculty, and staff in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Office of Budget & Sponsored Projects
The Office of Budgets & Sponsored Projects Administration is responsible for the development, allocation, and monitoring of the institution's state-appropriated and self-supporting budgets. Our goal is to provide responsive high quality financial services, training, and guidance to our constituents.

Office of the Controller
Strive to assist College departments in the management of the College's resources through application of professional accounting standards, stewardship principles and sound business practices.

Office of Facilities Management & Planning
From day-to-day maintenance to reserving space for campus events to security, the Office of Facilities Management provides a number of services to the campus community.

Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment
The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment helps students and their families achieve their goals in attaining their degrees from Nevada State College.

Office of Human Resources
The Office of Human Resources (HR) provides personalized services to all members of the NSC campus community. The Office of Human Resources can help individuals understand policies and procedures, and how they pertain to them.

Tuition & Fees (Cashier's Office)
Provide billing, receipting, and cashiering functions for student tuition and fees to assure accurate, timely and effective service to students and parents, as well as providing receipting and deposit functions for College departments.