Apply for Aid

How to apply for Scholarships

The NSC Foundation Scholarship Application is open each year between December 15 and April 15.

How to apply for grants and student loans

The most important step in receiving financial aid is to apply through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( The process is simple and is done electronically through the federal government. The results of the FAFSA will be used to determine the types and amounts of aid you are eligible to receive.

The FAFSA must be completed every year and it is available online every October 1. Students who wish to be considered for all types of aid should complete the FAFSA before January 15.  Students who have not completed the FAFSA and turned in all requested documentation 6 weeks prior to the tuition due date should be prepared to make a payment to protect their registration from cancellation.

 FAFSA and FSA ID Tips for Parents


There are several steps you must complete to receive your loan.

You must complete:
1. Master Promissory Note (MPN) please visit You will use the same FSA ID you used to sign the FAFSA.  The MPN is valid for 10 years, but expires after one year of inactivity.

2. Entrance Counseling at  

3. Once you have received your award letter, you will be able to accept, reduce or decline your loan through your myNSC Student Center. If you need to amend the request later in the year, please complete the Loan Change Request on the Forms page at left.